Field Day 2021 – After the Fact

Field Day 2021 is behind us.
Time for picking up the pieces and reviewing how we did.
The map shows where we made contacts.

Early stats so far appear to be that we had:
21 members/guests signed in
3 new members joined
25 points made from contacts
We are still counting the bonus points
Also, there might be other members who will share points from their home station contacts

What happened:
On Friday there was really bad weather in the area and a forecast for Saturday threatened cancellation of our event.  But we found things different on Saturday morning. Can you believe it, the weather forecast was wrong!

At 10am, we decided to go ahead and do set up.
We were done around noonish
We began operation at 1pm
We were class 5A and our ARRL section was MO.
There was a lot of digital activity (FT8 mostly), but conditions for both voice and digital didn’t seem to be very favorable.
Around 3pm, we had a small, but very strong, storm cell pass over the FD site bringing a huge amount of rain over a short period.
We took a break about 5pm for supper.
We enjoyed hot dogs, side dishes, and deserts.
Daren KDØOPS cooked the dogs.
I didn’t try all the pot luck dishes. But, Chris KCØTKS ‘best ever baked beans’ claim didn’t disappoint.
We closed around 8pm. Everyone left in shiny, clean, freshly washed vehicles from the 3pm downpour.

Points are still being counted. A better idea of how we did will be announced at the July club meeting. The ARRL publishes Field Day results in their December QST magazine.

If you got contacts from your home stations, consider turning in points for yourself. Claim those contacts for your own call credit, but associate your submission with our club and your points will then be added to our club result.

Our club name is known as “Sedalia-Pettis AR Klub” to the ARRL.
We are an ARRL Special Service Club and are already in the ARRL database. So it is likely going to already be one of your choices as you search.

I’m working on collecting pictures which will be posted to this website. Be sure to check back later.

A really big Thank-You goes out to all the members of the SPARK club that made this 2021 Field Day such an enjoyable event.  I think everyone got something out of the experience and, if anything, we learned a few things to implement and make the next FD even better.

Harry, KØTV

July Meeting Date and Location



Our July meeting will be Saturday July 10th beginning at 8:30 am. Meeting location will be at Our Savior Lutheran Church at 3700 West Broadway(across from Lowe’s) in the outdoor shelter house. Several items to discuss on the agenda including preparing for Hamfest in October and Field Day wrap up. Following the meeting beginning at approximately 9:30 am a test session for local hams in our area will follow. This is by appointment only. Those wishing to test must contact Bret (W0VK) as soon as possible to pre-register. Bret’s email is listed on our clubs website or you can find it on Also it’s time to renew your membership so please don’t forget to pay your dues. Look forward to seeing everyone there. 73’s

Field Day 2021 – Friday evening comments

UPDATE: Field Day is a go

See everyone there.  It is Friday evening. We had some pretty fierce rain pass thru. And, the Saturday forecast is for even more rain.

I know why you are reading this. You are concerned about how that will affect the SPARK Field Day plans.

Well, for now, we are still a GO.  The set up crew is still looking to meet around 10am.  Everyone will throw around their opinions, and we will decide about any FD schedule changes at that time.

Continue to watch this website, the club FaceBook page, and also monitor the club 2M repeater. We will do our best to keep everyone informed about how this weekend weather event might alter our plans.

Harry, KØTV

Field Day 2021 – You are invited

You are invited!

Local Amateur Radio operators, guests, even the Amateur Radio wanna-be are invited to the Sedalia SPARK club Field Day event being held this Saturday June 26, 2021. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

LOCATION:  Our Savior Lutheran Church, 3700 W. Broadway in Sedalia
DATE: Saturday June 26, 2021
10:00 am                                 – Begin equipment setup
1:00 pm                                    – Begin operating
5:00 pm (or a little after) – Pot Luck Dinner

As of this post, we have 4 stations we will be putting on the air. We will determine our operating class Saturday morning.

For the pot luck, we will have hot dogs and fixings. Plus what ever dishes you might bring to share. I already have a list of a few folks saying they will be bringing something. Surprise dishes are OK, but it would be nice if you let me know what to expect.   The church has a refrigerator if you bring a dish that needs to be kept cold.

Plan to spend Saturday with us.
CU at Field Day
Harry, KØTV

Field Day 2021

Saturday June 26th is almost here. We will again be at Our Savior Lutheran Church located at 3700 W. Broadway in Sedalia(across from Lowe’s). We will begin to set up equipment between 10-11am. We can start making contacts at 1pm. Around 5pm we will be grilling hot dogs. Members are encouraged to bring a covered dish( the church has a nice commercial fridge) that we can put things in until we eat. We hope all members will participate this year. It will be a great time to visit, play on the radio, and enjoy the hobby we all love. Look forward to seeing all members there.

2021 Field Day


Field Day is fast approaching. June 26th, this years field day location will be at Our Savior Lutheran Church located at 3700 W. Broadway in Sedalia (across from Lowe’s). They have a very nice shelter house that they are going to allow us to use again this year. Harry (K0TV) is this years chairman of this event. Set up will be somewhere around 10-11am with the contacts beginning at 1pm. We will be running it until either we tucker out or at least till 6am on Sunday morning( we have to be gone because of Sunday being a day of worship ). We will be having a cookout Saturday evening with hopefully everyone that will be there bring a covered dish. Let us know if you’re going to be there. You can also email Harry ( for further information. Look forward to seeing all members there. 73’s








Copied from WAARCI’s Facebook Page.  RIP WE0G

It is with great sadness that I need to report the passing of a well known ham in this area and beyond,
Keith (Harold) Haye, WE0G has become a silent key.

Keith was a life member of the club and was active until he became too ill to do so. Any time we had an event, a meeting, a net, a special event, Keith could be counted on to be involved. He especially loved contesting and working with new hams, and he had a knack for getting people to talk to him on the air.

More details will come later. Keith had been sick for some time and had taken a couple of bad falls, but today we have heard that he lost his fight. I will miss hearing his voice on our repeater and all of his stories. Keith is going to be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

June Weather Net Exercise

[update]  The June siren test has been postponed until Wednesday, June 9th.

June Weather Net Exercise will be Wednesday June 2nd beginning at approximately 12:10 pm following the EMA siren test at noon. All listening stations are encouraged to check in.