Club Stickers

Just got in some more club stickers. The cost is $5.00 per sticker. Contact KE0NIL (Nick) if you would like to purchase any.

Monitor 6M repeater on an HT

iCom Q7 radio
iCom Q7 dual band HT tuned for the new local 6M repeater.

I’m sure you have already heard about a new local 6 meter repeater due to go live shortly here in the Sedalia area.  It may not be of much interest to you now because many of us don’t have 6M capability.

But, did you know that you may already have the ability to at least listen to the new repeater once it goes on the air?  Many hand held, base, and mobile radios today enjoy expanded receivers.  You will be able to monitor, but not transmit.

So, put the new 6M repeater in a memory channel in your radio and include it when you scan.  For that matter, local repeaters in the 220 Mhz band could be included, too.  The little, pocket-friendly, iCom Q7 here enjoys a wide band receiver capable of picking up a wide range of other frequencies like commercial FM broadcast radio, public service, and even AM aircraft.  It will only transmit in the 2M/70cm bands.  It is a very old radio. Newer ones have lots more capabilities.

Take another look at the radios you carry or in your shack.  They may have some features you overlooked or were not aware of.

Harry, KØTV

‘CANCELLED’ April 4th Club Meeting

Club Members,  it is with regret that I must cancel our April Club Meeting.  This is in the best interest of the membership based on our current situation.  Harry had mentioned possibly having a net at our regular meeting time and I think that would be a great idea!  So, I will be the net control at 8:30am on April 4th.  This will not be an official club meeting  but, will be a chance for our camaraderie during these challenging times.  I am looking forward to the 4th!  Please stay safe.  -Bret W0VK


Weather Net

Will be Tuesday March 3rd beginning approximately 10:05am after the state wide siren test.

New Member Packet

Now available just log in, go to menu, go to member access, then to the packet. Lots of information and resources in it for all hams.