Sedalia 147.03 Repeater

Sedalia 147.03 two meter repeater…

2 meter repeaters, in general, follow specific rules as to the input (frequency you are transmitting on), and output (frequency you are listening to for the repeater).

400+ foot Sedalia Repeater Tower

The lower frequency half of repeaters have a negative offset (input frequency is 600kHz lower than the output frequency. ) Higher frequency repeaters have a positive offset (Input frequency is 600kHz higher than the output frequency). Generally, repeaters whose output frequencies range from 146.61-146.97 use a negative offset and repeaters that output on 147.00-147.39 use a positive offset.

The Sedalia repeater is an exception. Our repeater is coordinated by the Missouri Repeater Council as a Shared Non-Protected pair. In the early days of the club repeater in the 1970’s, we were forced to accept a SNP assignment due to a lack of other available 2 meter frequency pairs in this area. As such, the automatic repeater offset function in most radios will not give the proper offset for the Sedalia repeater. You need to manually override the setting from a positive setting to a negative setting.

Also, you must encode a CTCSS (PL) tone of 179.9 Hz to access the repeater. The repeater cannot be accessed unless that specific tone is activated. The CTCSS function on the repeater is intended to prevent harmful and unintentional interference. It is also recommended that you set your radio to decode the 179.9 Hz RX tone, because this will give you a much quieter and enjoyable listening experience.

SPARK 2 Meter Repeater:

147.03 MHz output
Non-standard Negative offset (146.43 input)
179.9 PL tone TX and RX
Location: 38.7230309 -93.2297777
Net Sunday evenings 7:30 Central



147.03 Repeater Rack