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May Meeting Re-Cap

We had 28 members that attended our monthly meeting today. We discussed our special event station that we will deploying our Ecom Trailer at the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia. After our meeting on June 4th we will set up at the festival and be on 20 meters using a special call sign of w0r. We discussed Field Day that we will be having again at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Sedalia on June 25-26. Its a great location for all the activities we will be doing there. We will have more information on the event at our June meeting. And of course Sparkfest 2022. This years event is already growing at a fast pace and will bigger than last year’s with commitments we have already received from vendors. We invite all members to join us for a great Summer and Fall full of activities.

After the meeting we conducted a test session. 4 of our members passed their test. I am pleased to announce the following fellow hams who upgraded their licenses:

Steve G. (kc8aek) upgrade to General
Mark (n0owz) & Renda (kb0uvw) J. both upgrade to General
Ann G. (kf0vcr) upgrade to Amateur Extra

As you can see SPARK is constantly giving its members opportunities to continue their education in the hobby. But most importantly we are making ham radio fun for our members.

Hope to see everyone on June 4th at our next monthly meeting.

SPARK as charity on Amazon

I successfully switched my charity on Amazon today to SPARK.
This means that every purchase I make on Amazon donates .5% of my purchase prices to the club. Doesn’t sound like much but when enough people do it, it could be significant. Get your family, friends and everyone at work to do it and the club could get a couple hundred dollars a year of free money with almost no effort!

Instead of shopping at, log in to Once you set your charity to Sedalia Pettis Amateur Radio Klub,  all purchases that you make donate directly to SPARK. Takes all of 30 seconds to set up.

The smile website is identical to the www one, including prices.


"Dear AmazonSmile customer,

Thanks for visiting AmazonSmile! 
Per your request, we have successfully changed the 
AmazonSmile charity you are supporting to Sedalia 
Pettis Amateur Radio Klub.

Remember, if you want AmazonSmile to donate to 
Sedalia Pettis Amateur Radio Klub, you need to 
start each shopping session at the URL or with AmazonSmile turned ON 
in the Amazon Shopping app, and we will donate 
0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases.

Visit Your AmazonSmile Impact to see donation 
information and learn more about your charity.

AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives."


April 10, 2022 Sunday night SPARK net

The club is beginning to use the Net Control Manager for logging our nets.

You can find Net Control Manager by clicking HERE

You can follow net activity, see check ins, and get some cool post-net statistics.  This is a map of tonights check ins for example.

The reports you will find on net-manager are available for viewing immediately following the net.  You can check the statistics at your own convenience.


APRIL Meeting Re-Cap

April 2nd Meeting Re-Cap

Fantastic meeting today with 40 members in attendance. Great group of members who are dedicated to promoting and making ham radio fun in Sedalia/Pettis County.

Other than the usual business, we discussed running a Special Event station for the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival June 2-4. We set up the Ecom Trailer and even though the bands were horrible we made some contacts for the Missouri QSO Party. We reminded everyone about Field Day June 25-26th. Then we discussed Sparkfest 2022. We should have it listed on the ARRL ‘s website sometime next week. We have sent out emails and have contacted some vendors this past week. We already have 27 confirmed for Sparkfest in October. This is more than 1/2 of the tables we sold at last year’s event.

After the meeting we conducted a VE test session. We had 2 to test for Technician and 2 who tested for upgrades. Congratulations to Ronald H. who passed his Technician test, and to Bart (KE0ZTG) who passed and now is a Extra.

Darren (KD0OPS) started a General class today after the meeting with 7 that are studying to upgrade.

We have more exciting things that we are working on to make this year better than before. We are blessed to have such a strong group of members who are dedicated to promoting the hobby that we all enjoy. Our next meeting will be on May 7th at EMA Headquarters.

April Meeting

Our April 2nd meeting will be held at Sedalia-Pettis County EMA Headquarters located at 1511 N. Ohio in Sedalia beginning at 8:30 am. After the meeting we will conduct a testing session for locals who want to upgrade or for new Tech’s. The new fee passed by congress of $35.00 will take effect on April 19th. This fee has to be paid directly to the FCC. The fee is for new licenses, upgrades,changing to a vanity call sign, and renewals. You will still have to pay the $15.00 fee to the club the day you test. This fee cover the cost of the testing materials. If you would like to test after our meeting you must pre-register with Bret(W0VK), his email address is

After the meeting we will be setting up the Ecom trailer and participating in the Missouri QSO party. Several members are bringing goodies to eat for lunch. This will be a great opportunity to hang out and fellowship with members. If you would like to bring some munchies that would be great. If you haven’t yet just a reminder that it’s time to pay your club dues for 2021. Hope to see everyone there.

March Meeting

What a meeting! At our meeting this morning we had 36 in attendance. We are truly blessed to have such a strong group of members who are dedicated to promoting ham radio in Central Missouri.

Daren (KD0OPS) started us out by a special presentation on DMR. We discussed the Missouri QSO party coming up in April, a Scott Joplin special event station, and Sparkfest 2022 just to name a few topics.

After the meeting we conducted a VE test session. We are proud to announce that Leo & Lori Shuart passed and our now Spark’s newest Technicians.

Our next meeting will be April 2nd at EMA Headquarters.