January Weather Net

We will conduct a weather net on Wednesday January 13th beginning at approximately 12:10 pm. All listening stations are encouraged to check in.

January Meeting


Our January 2nd meeting will be held over the air on our 2 meter repeater beginning at 8:30am. We will take check in’s at the start of the meeting. Hoping we’ll get a early spring and will be able to hold our meetings outside soon. Remember it’s time to pay dues for membership. We will hopefully announce a way to send them in soon.

Mystery sound

There was some discussion today during the club meeting about interference on the 6m repeater that sounds like an idling diesel engine and I investigated. I found the problem to possibly be from a pager transmitter that could be in the same building, or possibly even on the same antenna as the 6 meter repeater or somewhere nearby.

Anyone wanting to help me confirm this can tune to 152.03 MHz to see if this is the same sound they are hearing.

Anyone wanting to discuss this, email me, my call at gmail dot com.

73, Chris – KC0TKS

December 12th Meeting

Our December meeting on the 12th will begin at 8:30 am on the 2 meter repeater. With the Covid numbers increasing the board wants to make sure that all our members stay safe during this difficult time. We will take check in’s at the beginning of the on the air meeting. We hope that everyone stays safe and look forward to hearing everyone on the air on the 12th.

Thank You


At our meeting on November 7th I mentioned what our family was doing in memory of my grandson Ryker. After the meeting many of you made a donation and received a bracelet. With the donations I collected that morning I just wanted to let everyone know that we were able as a club to purchase 1 headstone in Ryker’s memory. Thank you fellow SPARK members for your generosity and support.  Richard KE0QYA

Nano VNA

Several people at the club meeting Saturday asked me about the $55 antenna analyzer (Vector Network Analyzer) I mentioned. Here are the details for all interested.

Go to Amazon.com and search for Nano VNA.

Chris – KC0TKS