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WØR Special Event

Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival

Special Event June 1st 2024

Call-Sign WØR – Whiskey Zero Ragtime

10am-4pm Central Time

1600-2200 UTC

The Sedalia-Pettis Amateur Radio Klub WA0SDO  is proud to bring you the special event station WØR celebrating the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival: 

Join us in Sedalia, Missouri as we celebrate the musical genius who gave us the Maple Leaf Rag. Visit with the talented performers, and those who appreciate their talent, in a place where America’s music began. The multi-day festival is packed with rattling good fun, paid concerts feature Festival Favorites, the free open-air venues downtown with up-and-coming ragtime performers. More festival info https://www.scottjoplin.org/

The WØR special event station will be operating on site Saturday June 1, 2024 from about 10am-4pm or later Central, 1600-2200 UTC on SSB on all open bands.  A VHF station is also planned.  For a physical QSL card please request through WØVK@ARRL.NET, We will Verify contacts through our log and you will receive a customized QSL card.

The Sedalia-Pettis Amateur Radio Klub, callsign WAØSDO, is a group of amateur radio enthusiasts located in Sedalia Missouri. Our mission is serving others by promoting amateur radio in the community and providing the training and support required to become an amateur radio operator. We “have fun, play radio, and keep the squelch loose”.  More information can be obtained at www.WA0SDO.org



May Event –  Knob Noster State Park

May 18th

9am – 11 ish

clusterEA – Ref. MAPs

Come Join us!!  

  • We have Monthly Parks On The Air Events from April through October
  • We host POTA events each month at some of the Most Awesome Parks in Central Missouri. Come hang out, Get on the air, Learn something new!!
  • See you there!!


We hope everyone can make it out to join us on Saturday January the 27th and Sunday the 28th at the Pettis County EMA building on North Ohio St here in Sedalia.  Fun & Food will be awesome as usual.  If you have a dish you would like to bring, we would love that.  We really hope to see you there!  Keep in mind we will be operating 24 hours beginning 1pm Saturday and concluding at 12:59 Sunday

Winter Field Day’s Core Principles:

Natural disasters are unpredictable and can strike when you least expect them.
Your training and operating skills should not be limited to fair-weather scenarios.
Preparedness is the key to a professional and timely response during any event.

WFD is an opportunity for ham radio operators to practice portable emergency communications in winter environments as the potential for freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and other hazards present unique operational concerns. WFD is formatted to help increase your level of preparedness for disasters and improve your operational skills in subpar conditions.

Open to all club members and we hope you can make it!

Net Control for January 2024

Net Control Operators for January

-Jan 7th  Paul KD0ETL

-Jan 14th  Don KF0ARQ

-Jan 21st  Joel KE0WJX

-Jan 28th  Russ K6HU


Thank you to all Net Control Operators for volunteering!!

Fox Hunt Yagi Antenna Project

For those that couldn’t stay for the antenna build here is a repost of an antenna project similar to our antenna build today after the club meeting.   Daren – KDØOPS

Originally Published on: Apr 23, 2020 at 17:57

Fellow Ham’s!

While we are all exercising our Social Distancing these days, I thought this would be a great time to share what I have been doing.  After researching a bit, I found many diagrams for a great Yagi Fox Hunt Antennas.  These diagrams were all very similar so I decided to just pick one and go with it.  I found through the process it was fun and really not too hard to make, I did substitute a couple things because honestly I just used what I had on hand, that is the fun thing about this project!
So, I have it completed and plan on using it to check in to our net tonight just for fun and to show everyone how it works.  I have added some pictures so you can see the finished project and how basic it really is.  Here is the link for the instructions I used, just for your reference if you want to make the same one I did.
I hope many of you that don’t already have one of these fun little Yagis decide to make one just to have on hand so when we do get the opportunity to have a Fox Hunt you will be ready!!


I hope you all enjoy this as much as have.

-Bret W0VK

Bret Thanks for the Ideas.  Here is my build:




Some things that I researched and did a little differently were, I used 3/4″ PVC (Already had it on hand), Used some velcro to wrap ends of sharp tape measure ends and also serves to hold elements in the collapsed position,  added choke (RF cable around PVC (6x’s),  Also used those tiny hose clamps that I never find a use for anywhere else (I just put to together!).  Put BNC connector on end.  Took my antenna analyzer to this and it’s about 1.5:1  @ 144.5 , 1.1:1 @147.00 and 1.5:1 @ 149.0.   Also, have enough left out of the 25ft tape to make another one.  IF anyone needs some tape measure elements just ask first come first serve.

– Thanks and 73’s, Daren – KDØOPS

Bothwell Auxiliary January 2022 Volunteer of the Month

Every month, the BRHC Hospital Auxiliary selects one of their volunteers to be recognized as a volunteer of the month.  January 2022 saw SPARK member Harry Burford, KØTV in the spotlight.  Harry has been working with the Amateur Radio station installed at the hospital for over 12 years.  He started as a Red Cross volunteer, but those volunteers were recently absorbed into the Auxiliary organization after the Red Cross closed offices in Missouri.   Here is a copy of the article from the Auxiliary newsletter. .

[pdf-embedder url=”https://wa0sdo.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/2022_01-BRHC-art-color.pdf” title=”2022_01 BRHC art color”]