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WØR Special Event

Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival

Special Event June 1st 2024

Call-Sign WØR – Whiskey Zero Ragtime

10am-4pm Central Time

1600-2200 UTC

The Sedalia-Pettis Amateur Radio Klub WA0SDO  is proud to bring you the special event station WØR celebrating the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival: 

Join us in Sedalia, Missouri as we celebrate the musical genius who gave us the Maple Leaf Rag. Visit with the talented performers, and those who appreciate their talent, in a place where America’s music began. The multi-day festival is packed with rattling good fun, paid concerts feature Festival Favorites, the free open-air venues downtown with up-and-coming ragtime performers. More festival info https://www.scottjoplin.org/

The WØR special event station will be operating on site Saturday June 1, 2024 from about 10am-4pm or later Central, 1600-2200 UTC on SSB on all open bands.  A VHF station is also planned.  For a physical QSL card please request through WØVK@ARRL.NET, We will Verify contacts through our log and you will receive a customized QSL card.

The Sedalia-Pettis Amateur Radio Klub, callsign WAØSDO, is a group of amateur radio enthusiasts located in Sedalia Missouri. Our mission is serving others by promoting amateur radio in the community and providing the training and support required to become an amateur radio operator. We “have fun, play radio, and keep the squelch loose”.  More information can be obtained at www.WA0SDO.org

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