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Mystery Comms

This was overheard on the 147.03 repeater Saturday evening. The recording is from 6:42 – 7:12pm (silent periods are removed).

I don’t know if this is legitimate repeater use or not, I don’t speak Spanish, but at times I heard numbers which I guess could be part of a call sign. However, I also heard curse words which leads me to think this was unauthorized use.

If any of you speak Spanish well enough to translate, or know someone who can, give it a listen and email and I will post your findings.

There are more times this was heard on Saturday afternoon. Anyone with a premium Broadcastify account can search the archives and listen to more of it.

Richard, KE0QYA
The repeater identified with the time at 7pm which 
ours doesn't. Makes me think that this was skip. 
Just a thought. Richard 

Chris, KC0TKS
If you remember correctly, this is a stream of our 
2 meter AND Jeff's 220 machine. The 7pm announcement 
was Jeff's 220.
You can clearly hear the 2 meter machines 
3 tone "do da lee" every time they unkey. 
Most definitely not skip.


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  1. I heard them as well. The signal on the input frequency for one of the guys was full scale using my rotating 2m Yagi aimed west from my location, I believe the other was NNW of me. The Yagi has a 30 degree beam width so it’s difficult to pinpoint a local signal that strong. They were directly accessing the repeater, I have no doubt about that. They referenced someone named Ralph and mentioned an apartment. If they do have a license, as they were using voice they are required to identify in English per Part 97.

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