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Puzzle Solution Page Added to Website

The solution to this month’s SPARKword puzzle has been posted to the website. Hover over “menu” then click “Puzzle solutions”

Future solutions will be posted to that page about a week after the puzzle comes out in the newsletter.

Also, Connie is offering a pan of brownies to the first person each month (starting next month) that emails a screenshot, photo or other proof that you completed the puzzle correctly to !!!!!

Size DOES Matter!

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I  checked the APRS map this morning and caught Mark, K0NYE road trippin’. He hit the Sedalia Igate past where he crossed the river at Lexington. Google Maps measured it at 49 miles. Something to be said about having your Igate antenna at 400+ feet!


Update: I looked again later and he hit the Sedalia Igate  when he was passing  through Polo at 72 miles. Good job on the Igate Steve and Doc!

Blast From the Past

Here’s a net from the Stover repeater from 2009 featuring several memorable SKs.

Tom Huff, N0AYI, SK (in the city of Vesailles) Calls the net. Dick Hunt, KC0FDF, SK, Paul Minor, AA0XG, SK checks in as well as Art Thompson, KC0QMP, SK.

Several others who are not SK check in including our very own KJ5ZW (14 years younger than now!) that gets to talk to his son in Texas via Echolink.

I recorded this on the same radio that I was transmitting on, so portions of it are inaudible including the Echolink.

SPARK Broadcastify Stream Upgrade

As some of you may have noticed, our Broadcastify stream has been supplying only the 2m repeater for some time due to a radio failure.

The stream has now been restored and actually upgraded!

Now, it provides simultaneously, the 147.03 repeater, 224.44 repeater, and I have, with the acquisition of a new radio, been able to add the 53.11 six meter repeater and the 147.575 simplex frequency.

147.03 has priority over all others.

Enjoy and please report any issues.
73, Chris – KC0TKS

Live Stream Down

**UPDATE**:  A Bandaid fix has been applied and so far seems to help. Please give it a try and report back to  Hope this helps Doc who I assume is deployed with FEMA.

Six of you streamed the net last evening (Oct. 2). 
Please give me some feedback on your audio quality
so I can finalize the repair.


The Broadcastify feed, although still listed as “online” is down until further notice.

Somewhere along the way the live stream developed a loud screech on some but not all transmissions and I just noticed it. I find nothing wrong on my end and Broadcastify can find nothing wrong on their end. My trouble ticket even got escalated to the CEO of the company and she investigated herself and came up with nothing. The story of my life – “wow, I’ve never seen that problem before”!

Looks like it is going to take some down and dirty troubleshooting to find this one.

Chris – KC0TKS