To SPARK club members; on Saturday morning, 27 November 2021, one of our members needs some assistance in a Parks on the Air activity. KJ4MFW will be activating the Sedalia Depot (Katy Trail) as part of the Parks On The Air (POTA) challenge. Scott is looking for club members to support his efforts in radio operations to help activate this location. Here are some reasons you may wish to come help:

You want to help a club member activate a POTA location
You are interested in learning more about Parks on the Air
Your are free on 27 November (and thank you)
You know how to take pictures or you wish to be in pictures!
You want KJ4MFW to owe you a favor!
You currently owe KJ4MFW a favor! LOL

So, on the morning of the 27th we need to make 15-20 QSOs from the caboose to complete the activation. We can go on as long as we are having fun; but the requirement is 15 QSOs. I like to make a few more than the required amount because sometimes the reporting of QSOs has errors. The last time I did this, it took about 90 minutes to complete the effort. If this is a happy success, perhaps our club could begin to do regular POTA events. If not, just consider it an event where you helped a fellow club member.

If you can help, please contact:

Scott//Hambone: KJ4MFW@GMAIL.COM

If you are curious to lear more about POTA, YouTube: POTA

Or, check our https://parksontheair.com or https://pota.app/ To learn more.

Finally, I recently activated a POTA park… Here is my video from my experience:

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