Weekly Nets

Did you know that SPARK has 5 different nets during the week? Everyone is encouraged to check into as many as you can.

Sunday 8:00pm SPARK 2 meter net 147.030 (-) 179.9pl (rotating net controls)

Tuesday 7:00pm SPARK Stover Ragchew net 147.390 (+) no pl (KYOP net control)

Tuesday 8:00pm SPARK 6 meter net 53.11 (-1.7) 127.3pl (KF0ARQ net control)

Wednesday 8:pm SPARK simplex net 147.575 no tone or offset (KDOETL net control)

Wednesday 8:30pm SPARK 220 net 224.44 (-1.6) 107.2pl (KD0ETL net control)

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